A digital passport for your car

Have you ever forgotten your car while cleaning or snow removal? Or wanted to contact the owner of a badly parked car? With Yelo, your vehicle now has its digital identity through which you can share information, receive alerts and chat!

Une voiture protégée par Yelo

Get a digital passport for your car

Register your belongings for free in your Yelo wallet. All your goods now have a unique digital passport containing the complete history of information, documents, invoices, and owners.

Add all the details such as the brand, model, a photo, and its unique identifiers: the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and your license plate number. These enable the community or security services to reach your passport and contact you instantly.

Create your passport

Avoid fines and towing

Improperly parked vehicles disrupt cleaning and snow removal operations, leading to significant expenses for municipalities, taxpayers, and offenders.

Now, the community or municipal services can notify you by scanning the QR code on your Yelo sticker or by searching for your license plate number.

By establishing communication with the owner of a poorly parked vehicle, everyone benefits!

La protection Yelo

Order a Yelo sticker

Our high-quality, weather-resistant QR code sticker is the easiest way to identify and protect your vehicle. Easily recognizable, the yellow square is the mark of a protected product.

We offer two sticker formats. Visit our online store to order them for your car, bike, devices, or even for your home's door!

Get a Yelo sticker
Des autocollants Yelo sur des voitures

How does it work?

  1. Activate your QR code using your smartphone camera
  2. Create an account with your phone number
  3. Register your car informations
  4. Stick your sticker on the rear window of your car
  5. Hooray! We can now contact you by scanning the QR code. You receive a SMS or email alert and you can chat with your savior. It's safe and anonymous.

Yelo, the digital product passport

Secure your world with a digital passport for all your belongings.


Give a digital life to all your assets and save their informations in one place.


Make your objects more sustainable.


Join a community of people helping each other to prevent theft and damage.

Voiture protégée par le code QR Yelo
Maison protégée par le code QR Yelo
Vélo protégé par le code QR Yelo
Valise protégée par le code QR Yelo