Register your car

Connect your vehicle in minutes and enjoy all the benefits of Yelo.

Yelo for you car

Have you ever forgotten your car while cleaning or snow removal? Or wanted to contact the owner of a badly parked car? With Yelo, your vehicle now has its digital identity through which you can share information, receive alerts and chat!

How does it work?

  1. Activate your QR code using your smartphone camera
  2. Create an account with your phone number
  3. Stick your sticker on the rear window of your car
  4. Hooray! We can now contact you by scanning the QR code. You receive a SMS or email alert and you can chat with your savior. It's safe and anonymous.

Avoid towing

Your neighbors or city services can notify you before you get towed.

Towing a car after a snow storm

Avoid tickets

Your neighborhood will watch and warn you if you are badly parked.

Parking warning
Contravention Montréal

Someone warned me that my car was badly parked, thank you dear stranger! If only the city could warn me before putting me a ticket.

A simple app

Once you stick Yelo on your back window, you will receive a notification when someone contact from your car page. You remain anonymous at all times.

Des autocollants Yelo sur des voitures

The person who wants to write to you must authenticate with a valid phone number. You can block and report it, it's anonymous and safe!

Chat on Yelo app

I feel safe: a post-it for my car and another for my apartment. Anybody can send me an alert if there is a problem.

Yelo to identify, protect and enhance all your goods


Give a digital life to all your items and save their informations in one place.


Join a community of people helping each other to prevent theft and damage.


Make your object smart with a public web page and apps.

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