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Avoid parking tickets in Montreal

Parking in Montreal can be challenging. Motorists have to deal with vignettes, hours of cleaning, and snow removal operations. As a result, parking violations generate significant revenue, with an estimated $59 million per year from an average of 1.1 million reported offenses.

Parking prohibition in Montreal

Parking in the right spot and remembering to move our vehicle in the morning or during work meetings can be mentally taxing for all vehicle owners. Given the demands of our busy lives, forgetfulness is a common issue, and as a result, receiving parking tickets is highly probable.

Parking rules and panels (updated in February 2023)

Parking stickers for residents

Some parking panels have a sticker number, and only residents with the corresponding sticker are permitted to park in these designated spots during the indicated hours. However, it's crucial to pay attention to the arrows on the panels that signify the beginning or end of a reserved area. If the arrow points towards the road, it denotes the start of the zone, while an arrow pointing towards the curb indicates the end of the area.


Time prohibitions

There are panels that indicate precise moments of prohibition. It is forbidden to park for a certain hour of the week of April 1 to 1st December to allow street cleaning. In winter, however, there may be orange panels due to snow removal.


Yellow bands, parking inlets, sidewalks, the double parking

At most intersections, entrances to parking lots, and alleys in Montreal, you'll notice yellow bands on the edge of the street. These yellow bands signify a no-parking zone and must be respected to avoid receiving a ticket or being towed. Additionally, it's essential to pay attention to boats, which may not be visible due to fall leaves or snow. Blocking access to boats is strictly prohibited, and vehicles found violating this rule may be ticketed or towed.


Areas reserved for disabled people

Any vehicle parked in non-compliant areas without a valid disabled parking permit may receive a fine and be towed by the City of Montreal.


Buses and taxis routes

The reserved lanes are exclusively for buses and taxis from Monday to Friday, typically from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. It is strictly prohibited to stop or park any vehicle, even for a few seconds, during the designated times indicated on the signs. If a vehicle is parked in the reserved lane, it will be towed, and additional fees will be charged.


Red fire hydrant

The parking of any vehicle in front of a red fire hydrant is strictly prohibited. It is mandatory to maintain a minimum distance of 3 meters in both the front and back of the hydrant, as per the regulations enforced from May 18, 2018. Violation of this rule may lead to a fine and/or towing of the vehicle.

From $100 to $200

Les panneaux de stationnement à Montréal

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In 2020, over 32,500 vehicles were towed in Montreal, causing disruption to city operations. These tows occurred during snow removal, work, and special events, and also included vehicles parked on private property that blocked access to those properties.

Towing Vehicles during the city of Montreal operations

The community can help you

Many of us have experienced the frustration of receiving a parking ticket or being unable to locate our car after snow removal on our street. How often have we wished for a warning beforehand? Moreover, how many times have we observed poorly parked vehicles in our community? We should take the opportunity to help our neighbors by alerting them when their car is in a bad spot. By doing so, we can build a strong and supportive neighborhood based on kindness, helping one another, and coming together.

To accomplish this, all we need to do is to get a Yelo sticker and affix it to the back window of our car or motorcycle. By doing so, we can connect with other Yelo members and become a part of the Yelo community. If someone spots our car parked in the wrong spot, they can contact us by scanning the QR code on the vignette. It only takes one minute of our time and ten seconds for a kind stranger to warn us, which could save us hundreds of dollars in fines, provide us with peace of mind, and most importantly, connect us to our local community!

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